They Wanted a Unicorn

  • 2013_Global Sales Dashboard
    UI Redesign for the iPad

2013 at Nike

2013 was a year full of action, and I was right in the middle of it as the Communications Lead on a $1B+ project at Nike that transformed all Nike sales tools, including replatforms, new app launches, and a gigantic transition to digital. The audience our team at Global Sales spoke to included not just Nike employees in Sales, Brand, Customer Service, Merchandising, and Supply Chain, but perhaps more visibly to the outside world, it’s 100K+ wholesale customers around the world.

This monumental effort took the form of three primary workstreams (at least as far as my role in the program):

  1. Project communications:  content calendars, messaging development, graphic asset production
  2. Process design:  from creative production processes to large-scale communication rollouts
  3. Email marketing:  global email marketing to B2B and internal audiences included creating an environment (Campaign Monitor) and training materials that all Geographies could use to communicate effectively

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