Global Inbound Marketing

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5CI GlobalCom’s founders were known internationally for their stellar business reputations in the defense, aerospace, and communications industries, but their new company lacked a clear and consistent voice or message. Their product lines across multiple verticals were disconnected without a common thread, and they needed a unified voice that would speak to investors and customers alike.

I was tasked with elevating the brand’s market position and establishing a brand point of view, connecting the digital brand elements into a powerful experience that spoke to an international audience.


Create digital brand platforms that would leverage existing networks to spread the word of the founders’ new entrepreneurial endeavor. With ties to companies like Lockheed Martin, LG, Microsoft, and Raytheon, this company–and its products–were heavy hitters. The need to appropriately market its products, while respecting the industry’s conservative approach, would be reflected in the print and digital materials I created.

Working with engineers and executives, I created SEO-friendly copy for the website, designed all the print marketing materials for tradeshows and partner networks, and managed the digital brand initiatives that helped this client become known the world over.


Within one month of creating the company copy, completing the site build-out, and implementing an SEO campaign, the company got a call: it was a lead from a major client in South America. The reputation I’d built online had reached the Southern Hemisphere–and that lead became a client. Creating the brand foundation for GlobalCom, the company revolutionized its approach to marketing.

Delivering marketing strategies built on emerging wireless technologies and products, customer insights, and metrics, GlobalCom would now be light years ahead of competitors through its use of reputation-based brand platforms and other online properties that enabled customers to gain insight into the product offerings. They wanted international, and they got it. Potential worth of that single lead? $1M.

Notes from the Field

This project was a huge undertaking of international scope. One of its unique aspects–its global reach–necessitated a highly pro-active communications approach. I collaborated with international business and agency partners, tailoring our messaging to global business and executive/investor audiences.

Developing an inbound marketing strategy that spoke to our audiences in the Middle East, South America, and various other geographies meant that I worked closely with business partners to assess customer needs, define our marketing approach, and develop messaging that would resonate across both technical and lay audiences. The outcome of this strategy was two corporate branding guides, a marketing strategy, and a communications strategy that drove GlobalCom’s outreach.