Outdoor Exploits

Bio In a Nutshell


Roots: In the Water

Dani grew up in the small beach hamlet of Playa del Rey, California. As a child, she could be found running down sand dunes, biking along the boardwalk, and by 13, surfing up and down the Southern and Central California coast. Her first experiences in the water, guided by her lifeguard instructor, typically happened at heavier spots like Lower Trestles, Supertubes, and Silver Strand—teaching her initial lessons not just about life (stay alive! don’t drown) but also handling herself in new situations (don’t worry about getting vibed; doesn’t matter if you’re the only girl in the water).

Attending the University of California at Santa Barbara, she was a fixture in the water, and after graduating, her time spent in Mexico, San Clemente, Newport Beach, La Jolla, and Oceanside leveled up her game. After all, Southern California has a competitive scene, and if you’re not surfing hard, you’re not catching any waves.

Sprouting: In the Mountains

2010 saw a big change:  she swapped beach life for mountain life when she accepted a job at Nike. A warm water surf snob against the idea of driving 1.5 hours to find howling winds and freezing water temps (she lived in Portland), it was convenient that she had a snowboard, and that Nike had a rock gym.

More importantly, Mt. Hood created her first community away from her native California. Riding 2-3 days per week on Mt. Hood and in the spring, climbing outside at Smith Rock and other Columbia Gorge crags, the mountain life had her hooked. And then she started climbing volcanoes. First Mount Saint Helens, then Mount Adams, she had gotten the bug. At this point, the mountains had captured her heart.

“The mountains have my heart, but the ocean owns my soul.”

Soaring: Adventuring Around The World

Leaving Portland for a year-long outdoor adventure in South America, she divided her time between snowboard mountaineering in Chile, rock climbing in Argentina, and surfing in Chile and Peru. 2015 was character-defining, and reset her on the path to freelancing as a nomad creative.

A Few Factoids

  • Lived in Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Peru
  • Traveled to France, Andorra, Mexico, and Panama
  • Speaks Spanish (fluently) and French (middling, at best)
  • Works with startups, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies alike
  • Graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, her professional life has been dedicated to storytelling

Outdoor Highlights



In the outdoors, in athletic pursuits, and just in life, Dani has founded her approach around those five simple words.

As a working professional, she develops digital content, drives creative visioning, and designs marketing programs to help brands tell their stories. As a former NIKE, Inc. employee, small business owner, and community volunteer, those skills are all about conveying the passion behind the narrative.

These days, she’s a location-independent freelancer and consultant always looking for her next project. So contact her to get something in the works.

Still want to learn more, even after combing through this whole site? Wow—tough crowd—but here’s a resume to download.