Sport Climbing in Argentinian Patagonia: Piedra Parada

Three weeks in Piedra Parada, near Esquel, Argentina, weren’t enough for me. We’d arrived for what we thought might be 1 week, and ended up staying for 3, because the rock was that good, and the climbs were that many. I’m definitely looking for my next opportunity to climb there, but in the interim, I’ll have the summer (winter in the northern hemisphere) of 2014/15 to remember.

Plus, there’s always the blog post I wrote on my time there that I can look at and remember….(Here’s an excerpt to get you frothing:)

“It was time to leave Bariloche, but would Cochamó or Piedra Parada be the better bet? Our climbing crew had split 50/50, but the warmth of desert choss beckoned, and seeing the desert of Patagonia intrigued us. Almost 5 weeks of whipping cold alpine wind had sapped our energy, burned our faces, and even though the climbing of the Frey had been thrilling (also frightening and frustrating), I was ready for a reset.

Johnny and I zipped out of Bariloche towards El Bolsón in my ‘98 Outback Stella, watching the unknown road of the Ruta 40 unfurl before us. Tall Oregon pines crowded the newly repaved road, obscuring our vision until we passed the Cerro Tronador volcano, when once more, ice-capped granite towers loomed on the horizon….”

This blog post was originally published on Not Lost, Just Discovering in April 2015.

Check out the post for more photos and the full story. And if you’re thinking of heading out on a climbing trip and need a solid climbing partner/positive vibe generator/jill of all other trades/photographer….let me know!