A New Digital Identity…and WordPress


The Yada brand line of products, just reimagined and launched by parent company Winplus, needed a new brand identity. After months of research and development, their glossy product line needed an online identity that reflected the individuality of their customers.


Yada’s new mobile-friendly site plugged in content elements critical to to satisfying its customers’ needs, including product registration, video tech overviews, online communities both on Facebook and the site, and interactive online support.

Using WordPress as our starting point, we built the Yada team both site and support materials that would enable them to maintain continual product development and support. In the spirit of refining process excellence (across three time zones, no less) we collaborated in role-based teams internally to deliver the site and all materials in less than one quarter.


Let’s Yada is a brand that intuitively connects with its consumer base through reactive, dynamic media and communication. Fittingly, the Yada product line was immediately visible across the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where videos, support links, and announcements spread virally.

Equally important to the company itself, the new Yada online platform enabled an agile, customer-centric approach to content development and product support.


We couldn’t have done this project without WordPress. A talented team of developers and designers came together to develop this project in an Agile environment with the close collaboration of our own project manager (yours truly) and the client’s point lead.